Last Projects
 A. Regeneration and Tissue Engineering
B. Nanotechnology and Dental Biomaterials
C. Adhesive Dentistry
D. Laser in Dental Biomaterials Science
E. Dental Technology
F. Biomaterials in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Ali Davoodi

PhD candidate of dental biomaterial TUMS-USC
Ex scientific board of ACECR
Born on: 26/05/1976
Marriage status: Married- 2 children

Undergrad. Status:
DDS Dental school of Azad Medical University- July/06/2002
Graduated as a top student

Postgrad. status:

PhD. of Dental Biomaterial:
Acceptance: 2011
Phd. Candidate: 2014

PhD. project:
Design, construction and characterization of angiogenic and osteoinductive fusion protein-peptides delivered in multilayer collagen on SocketKAGETM scaffold

Project status:
80% accomplished

Oral presentations:
  • Principles of selection and different methods of bleaching materials
  • The application of calcium phosphate cements in tissue engineering
  • The rationale of implant selection base on implant design
  • New concepts on post extraction socket management
  • Semi crystalline poly ceramic restorative materials
  • Biological application of a newly designed BMP2 derived peptide
  • The advantages of VEGF derived peptide in early wound healing
  • Clinical scenario of an Integrin based fusion protein-peptide
  • Comprehensive dental implant course for dentist( lecturer and trainer)(2007 up to now)
Research projects:
  • The effect of low level GaAlAs lasers ( 685 and 830 nm) on periodontal flap healing
  • Laser application in biomaterials surface treatment
  • The effect of Nd-YAG laser on resin based cement bond strength to zirconia (a fracture
    toughness method)
  • The effect of low level laser (830 nm) on post op. side effects control at impacted third molar surgery
  • The effect of GaAlAs laser( 685 and 830 nm) on healing phase of crown lengthening surgery
  • The effect of GaAlAs laser( 685 and 830 nm) on bone healing phase around implant neck in rats
  • The comparison study of different fiber posts used in dentistry ( mechanical properties)
  • The soft tissue augmentation analysis by Geomajic software at USC
  • The effect of extrinsic factors on inherent properties and intrinsic functional properties of
    dental composites at Nagasaki University
Educational activities:
  • Author, organizer, developer and teacher of dental nursing at ACECR from 2006 up to now
  • Author, organizer developer and teacher of dental implant comprehensive course for dentists from 2007 up to now
  • CE lecturer for dental technicians
  • CE lecturer for CCHH college of Canada
  • DRM scientific advisor- Iran division
  • Intra-Lock implants scientific advisor - Iran division
Scientific society membership:
  • Medical council of I.R. Iran
  • I.D.A
  • IGDA
  • F.ICOI
  • ISO TC106
  • IDBA

Executive Background:
  • Head of disaster study and reviews at disaster association of student organization of ACECR
  • Member of Iranian institute for health science research (2000-2001)
  • Developer and researcher of hospitals and resuscitation teams management at disaster
    flowchart for Tehran - a pilot approach plan for emergency department (2001)
  • Dental clinic manager at ACECR ( 1999-2002)
  • Dentist at duty (2002 2004)
  • Dental clinic manager(2005-2008)
  • Executive chairman of the first entrepreneurship of ACECR(2007)
  • Vice chairman and patronage deputy of TUMS ACECR(2006-2007)
  • Patronage deputy of EXCIDA 48,49,50, 51 and 53
  • Member of educational and research task force at ACECR
  • Vice chairman and patronage deputy of SBMU ACECR(2008-2011)
  • Executive vice chancellor of EXCIDA 52,54 and 55
  • Executive chairman of EXCIDA 56
  • Exhibition consultant of EXCIDA 57